All about the Color Code ( How to choose the exact color every single time)

We all know and love Canva! It helps us create beautiful graphics every single time, whether we are professionals or not. But how do we create designs and capture colors that are consistent with our branding? Wouldn’t it be nice to capture the same shade of color no matter what?

In order to achieve this, you must first understand Color Code  or a Hex Code. A Color Code is simply a code that is assigned to a specific color. For example, when you look at my branding, you’ll notice that the teal color that I use is the same every single time. I am able to achieve this by understanding that my color code for this teal color is #0bbb4. This is the way in which you can not only assign the color that you want for your brand, you are also able to figure out the color code for your company brand.

1.Make sure that you have a Canva Membership

  Although you don’t need to have a membership, I highly recommend that you obtain one. It is only $12.99 per month and offers a ton of benefits. Canva even offers you a complimentary trial! This way, you'll be able to store your branding colors so that you can reference them every single time.

2. Visit the Branding tab on the left side of the page

Click the tab on the left side of the page, and click the branding option. Here, you can pick your colors for your business, and you are also able to see your unique color code.

3. Find out what your color code is.

After establishing your branding colors, it’s time to figure out what is your unique color code. Simply click on your unique color. After clicking, your unique color code will appear. This will be what you will use for all your platforms, whether it is for your website, social media graphics, business cards, etc. Just make sure that you keep this in a safe place or a virtual notebook so that you can access your color code every single time.

Congratulations!  You are not thinking like a real graphic designer and you are now well on your way to continuing to create a business and a brand that you love!

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