Learn how to create and manage your WIX Paid Plan and Membership Site!

Wix has some pretty exciting features, but did you know that you can actually allow your customers to subscribe to a Paid Membership on your site?! This is super exciting news, because with this feature, we're talking about some serious Passive Monthly Income! WINNING!

Adding a Paid Plan feature is a pretty easy task, but there are some certain guidelines that you should follow. Here are the 3 easy steps in order to add a Wix Paid Plan to your site!

1. Add the Paid Plan App

Because this is the Third Party feature, you want to be sure that you go to the left side of the page and click "Add Apps." Once this feature loads, be sure to search Paid Plans and the option should pop up! Afterwards, click "Add To Site" and it's time to move on to Step Two!

2. Manage your Paid Plan Settings

Now, this is when the fun part comes into play! It's time to manage your Paid Plan Settings! After adding the "Paid Plans" feature, Wix will automatically add a new tab ob your Home Page as "Paid Plans". If you would like to change this header, simply visit the site menu tab and hit the "rename" option. To do this, simply

To start modifying your "Paid Plan" options, Click "Manage Plans" and then "Get Started" Begin creating a new Plan by entering the following details:

- Title

- Tagline (Optional)

- What your Plan Includes

- Plan Duration

- How long the Plan is Valid for (Can be monthly, yearly, or custom to your liking)

3. Start accepting payments!

After you have entered your information, it's time to start collecting payments! Make sure that you have connected your Payment Information with either Stripe or Paypal! Afterwards, you then decide how often you get paid. (This can either be Monthly, or Yearly)

Now remember, this can be quite confusing, but before your user can actually sign up for a Paid Plan, they must already become a member! This is very important so please make sure that you stress the crucial step before instructing your user to sign up!

It also helps to automatically allow anyone to become a member so that they have the freedom to sign up for a Paid Plan when they choose. Afterwards, it's time to give your members access to only Paid Pages, but we will cover this in another blog!

Thanks so much Brilliant Bosses! If you need more Wix Tips and Canva help, please feel free to visit The Brilliance Bar at

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