How to Choose a Template for your Wix Website

So you want to build a website of your own, that’s great! But with so many options, it’s almost impossible to figure out where to start! Don’t worry, because with Wix Templates, they make it so easy and simple to start a website from scratch! Here are my top three tips on choosing a website template that you will absolutely LOVE!

1. Understand your audience

Before choosing any template, you must first understand your audience! Are you a hairdresser? Sports Coach? Business Coach? Fitness Instructor? A Photographer? This is the very first step to getting clear on exactly is your niche so that you can understand what kind of audience do you want to appeal to.

It’s also important to take into account What kind of style you are going for, and how exactly do you want your site to look. This is something that you want to establish early on, so you wont’ get confused later on in the process.

2. Choose a category

The second thing to do after you have understood your niche and what kind of audience you want to attract, it’s time to choose your Wix Template Category. Wix allows you to choose from may categories such as Photography, video, Music, Design, Events, Health and Wellness, or more. The opportunities are literally endless so make sure that you choose a template that not only represents you, but also the audience that you want to serve as well.

3. Edit your Template and Go LIVE!

After you have chosen the template that works for you, it’s finally time to start editing! You can customize the template and make it your very own by customizing the colors, the fonts, adding personalized images and more! Wix make this very easy to do and is very user friendly.

After you are officially satisfied with your masterpiece, it’s finally time to connect your domain and go LIVE!

So just like that, building a simple website can be done in 3 easy steps! If you need further in depth tutorials of how to design your website like a professional, make sure you sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date when my Beginner to Bombshell website course officially launches!

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