How to create Social Media Graphics in Canva

The days of hiring an expensive graphic designer are over! Because now, you can create the most beautiful, high quality social media graphics on your own in Canva! Canva offers very easy to use templates that allow you to turn any average quote into an amazing high quality social media graphic!

Choose your settings

The first thing that you want to do it choose the social media option. This is especially important because Canva format the social media graphics in the size that Instagram uses. The size that you want to design in for Instagram is 800 x 800 pixels! You can see the social media option in the image below to the far left.

Choose your Design

The second thing that you want to do is choose your design. Canva allows you to choose from easy to use templates,  so that you aren’t limited to just one option! Looking to the left of the Canva toolbar, you will see an option that says layouts. This is where you will click to choose your favorite.

Get Creative!

The second thing to do is get creative! Here, you can experiment with different fonts and colors combinations. You can also play around with different designs.  To check out how you are able to create GORGEOUS social media graphics, check out my FREE online course!

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