How to create your logo in Canva!

So you want to create a logo, but you are just unsure of how to do it. No worries! A your personal brand strategist, I am here to show you exactly why you need a logo, and how you can create your very own logo in Canva!

1. What is a Logo?

A logo is a visual representation of your brand! A logo serves as one of the first ways in which your customer is able to identify your company! Logos are super important, as they are able to help your customer instantly recognize your brand, and separate you from the competition! 

A lot of people come to me asking me to build their logo, and are pretty unsure of what to do, and where to start. I can tell you, however, is that I have some pretty good new for you! You logo does not have to cost millions of dollars, nor does it have to break the bank! Your logo can be simple, beautiful, and used as something that represents who you are and what you do!

2. Why do you need a Logo?

Your logo is so important, as you need a visual representation of your company. Just like you have  a face, so does your company. Your logo will serve as a way to help you identify your company and also gives your a professional and distinct look! A logo is super important, as you will be able to help your customers instantly recognize your company!

3. How can you make a Logo in Canva?

A lot of business owners don't know this, but you can actually create your very own logo in Canva! Canva is one of my favorite platforms as a designer because it is easy to use and beginner friendly. As as professional graphic designer, I often still find myself using Canva, rather than any other fancy design software such as Adobe Illustrator of Photoshop! Canva is such an amazing tool, as you are able to create beautiful logos, just like a professional! I urge you to no shy away from Canva, but embrace it with open arms. Play around with it  and see for yourself. You may not just walk away with a new logo, but also some new found graphic design skills as well!

Creating your very own loo is easy in fun! Join me for my course, How to Create a logo in Canva! This is where I teach you step by step, how you can create your very own logo! I'll see you in the course! 

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