We all know that one of the BEST ways to communicate with your audience is through Email Marketing! With email, this is typically one of the best ways in which you can control how you communicate with your audience, without any pesky Social Media algorithm that may get in the way.

But before you think about sending any email to your email list, you must think about how it looks! A boring and dull email will get sent straight to the trash, but a beautifully designed email list will be captivating and spark your audience's attention in no time! Here is one of the best ways in which you can design a beautiful email Template on Wix!

1. Decide What kind of email you would like to send

So the first step is to decide what kind of email would you like to send. Whether you are announcing a Special Offer, Promoting a Special Event, or sharing a Blog Post, it's important to get clear on your objective and figure out how you plan to get this message across to your customers.

2. Choose your Email Template

Once you understand your overall message, it's time to choose your template. Wix has some great tools for you to use in order to set you up with a beautiful email marketing template on your own! Simply pick the template that you'd like, or if you don't see any that appeal to you, you can always start from scratch and edit your own!

3. Customize and you're good to go!

Now it's time to get creative! Wix allows you to FULLY customize your email marketing campaigns all on your own! You can do this by customizing your font, changing the background, adding custom photos and more! There is obviously a TON to cover and learn in this section, so if you'd like, take a look at my Youtube video

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