How to Design tech mockups in canva

Have you ever seen those really cool product and Tech Mockups on Instagram and Pinterest, but you're just not sure how exactly to do it? Well, you're in luck because I am showing you 3 simple steps to design the Tech Mockup of your dreams! Let's get down to business!

1. Screen Shot It

So the first thing you need to do is Screenshot whatever it is that you need to put in your Mock Up. If you are creating a iPhone or iPad Mock Up, it's best to screenshot the image from your actual phone, so that you can have more of an authentic look.

If you are designing a mockup for a Desktop or a Computer, simple screenshot the photo from your actual computer. If you need to screenshot an image from your Macbook, simply press [Command, Shift, 4] - all three keys in order to screen shot. Afterwards, you will see that your cursor turns into an actual (+) with a circle in the middle. From there, simple drag across the area that you want to capture and release. You should hear an actual Screen Shot sound effect when finished.

You will then find the actual Screenshot on your Desktop with the title starting with "Screenshot".


2. Upload you photo in Canva

The second thing you need to do is to upload the screenshot in Canva! Simply save the photo in an easy to find folder (such as your desktop or downloads). This is the easy party and doesn't really call for much of an explanation. Because of this, I'll move on to Step Three!

3. Put in Place

After you have your image fully uploaded, it's time to put your image in place! Be sure to adjust as need by dragging the corners to make your screenshot wider or smaller. Once you finally have your image where you want it, simply download and you're ready to go! If you would like to gain a visual tutorial, please feel free to watch my YouTube Video here!

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