How to get booked and Busy with Wix

Learn how to use Wix Booking so you can start getting Booked and Busy!

One of my favorite things when it comes to Wix is that Wix allows its users to book appointments right into the Wix platform! This is one of the many reasons that I transitioned from Squarespace to Wix, because I noticed that Wix ultimately saved me lots on money in the end. I originally used a third party site called Acuity Scheduling which costed me $10 per month, but thanks to Wix Booking, I was able to get rid of the third party platform which was costing money that I didn't need to spend. Here are my top three ways in which you can set up your Wix Booking application and start getting Booked and Busy!

1. Install the Wix Booking app on your Wix Website

So before beginning to set up your online Wix Booking system, you must first install the free app on your website. In order to do this, simply click the "Add Apps" button and search the word "Bookings" in the top right search bar. Here, you will see the first option that pops up which is "Wix Bookings." Click that option and immediately the Wix Booking App will be installed onto your Wix site.

2. Manage and Edit your Services

The second thing to do after installing the Wix Booking App is to manage and edit your services. After installing the Wix Booking App, Wix will immediately enter the Booking Tab into your site, but you are more than able to change the title headed into anything that you would like. I personally changed the title from Bookings to "Free Consultation", as most of my services first start off with a Free Discovery Call. To book yours simple click here.

After that, simply double click on the services tab, and you will be directed to a section in which you can manage and edit your services. Here you will be able to manage your services by the name of your service, category, service description, which staff member will be in charge of the booking, the duration of the service, how much time you will need in between sessions, the price of your service, and so much more! Get creative with this section and be really informative. All this information will determine if your website visitors will want to personally book you.

Wix Booking

3. Set up your Payment Options and Go Live!

Last but not least, it's finally time to set up your payment options and go LIVE! Here, you will simply go to the back end of your site and set up how you would like to get paid for your Wix Bookings account. Here, you will go to Settings ---> Accept Payments --> and then connect your stripe and PayPal accounts. I recommend allowing your customers to have both options.

After you have completed your services, make sure you add a photo that pairs well with your services click save. Afterwards, make sure to publish your changes and then you will be officially LIVE!!

Wix Booking

Congratulations, you are now one step further to becoming BOOKED and BUSY!

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