How to set up google Analytics with Wix

Learn the tips and tricks that I use to set up Google Analytics with Wix to find out where your traffic is coming from!

Google Analytics can definitely be a scary word! There is so much information that it can often be intimidating. I encourage you, to continue to grow familiar with Wix Analytics, because it can offer some pretty valuable information and to help you determine where your Wix Audience will be coming from. Here are my top three tools to help you install Google Analytics to your Wix Site and to start tracking where your audience is coming from!

1. Go to the Tracking and Analytics Tool

First things first, it's time to set up the Tracking and Analytics Tool. Here, in the back end of your website, go to Settings --> and then "Tracking and Analytics". Here you will find at the top right hand corner that it will ask you to add a new tool, and after clicking, you will find the Wix Google Analytics option at the Very top. Make sure to click that to continue to set up your Google Analytics on your Wix Website.

2. Enter your Google Analytics Tracking Identification

Next, the option will then ask you to enter your Google Analytics Tracking information. Here, you will simply go to the Google Analytics tracking site by clicking here.

Chances are, you may not have an account, so you will see a screen that looks like this:

Make sure to Click the Sign up option and enter your information. Here you will be asked to enter your Business Name, Business Website Information, Business Industry, and more. After all the information is complete, you will then be able to get your Tracking ID. After you have your tracking ID, simply enter your information, and enter the Tracking ID back into the Dashboard in the beginning of Step 2.

3. Wait for your Analytics to Populate and start Analyzing your Data!

It will take about a week for Google Analytics to start tracking your data, so I would wait about 5-7 days to check back and to see what kind of Data Google Analytics is picking up on your Wix Website.

Google Analytics does provide some awesome feedback, and you can even check out some important data such as how many users have visited your website in a specific time frame, where are your users coming from, what device are your users browsing your site on, what pages are your visitors spending time on, and so much more! Although Google Analytics can be a bit intimidating, I encourage you to spend time with it and get to learn how to analyze your data. This is important because you are going to want to learn all about your Website Visitors, because the more website visitors on your Wix Website, the more value you can provide, and the more money you will make!

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