How to File for a Provisional Patent in Less then One Hour!

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Great ideas; we call have them. But what do you do when a brilliant idea suddenly strikes!? Do you, A: hide it from the world, hoping that no one will come along and steal your idea? Or do you B: Place it in front of the world for millions of people to see so that your great idea is ready to impact lives and change the world?.

You go with the latter, and I am here to teach you exactly how, you are able to do this! It's called a Provisional Patent, and it's a legal document granted to you by the USPTO to get you the protection that you need for your idea!

So what exactly is a Provisional Patent? A lot of people ask me tons of questions such as, "How do I file for a Provisional Patent?", "What is a Provisional Patent?", and "How much does a Provisional Patent cost?". Not to worry, because I am here to share everything that I know about Provisional Patents, and also, how I can hep you file for your next Provisional Patent too!

Here are the 3 things that you must do in order to file for a Provisional Patent!

1. Your idea must be Novel, Useful and Non-Obvious

First things first, your idea must be unique! This is the primary reason why people file for Patents in the first place! They want to be sure that their idea is unique and can be protected against anyone who may want to steal their idea! So before filing for your idea, please make sure that there is nothing else on the market like it by filing a Patent search on Google Patents!

Another thing you must remember is that your idea must be USEFUL! You have to picture someone else being able to use this!

2. You must understand your idea

If you don't understand your idea, how do you expect anyone else to? When filing for your Provisional Patent with the USPTO, they give you an extremely detailed outline for you to follow when filing for your Provisional Patent. Please be sure you understand your idea, and exactly what the product does

3. You must be willing to put in the work!

Filing for a Provisional Patent is not easy; If it were, everyone would have one. You must be willing to take your time, understand the process, and be ready to put in the work! Lucky for you, I'm able to turn this 6 hour process into a process that only takes less than one hour!

Are you ready to file for you Provisional Patent? If so, click here to enroll in my course, "Powerless to Patent Pending!" for only $34!

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