Why I am switching from Squarespace to Wix!

All, right, so usually I have a TON of brand loyalty, but after learning that by not designing my clients website on Wix, that I am doing them a TON of disservice. I usually find a platform that I love and stick to it, but I just had to explain why I love WIX so much now, and more importantly, why I am switching to WIX. In fact, I am moving my ENTIRE website over as well! Here are my TOP 3 reasons!


Squarespace has this drag and drop feature that makes it really challenging to place things wherever you want. With Wix, it allows you to place any item wherever you choose, which allows you to have more of a customizable platform to work with. Wix also allows you to animate all kinds of elements on your website, which allows you to compete with the big boys, like Wordpress, and creates a look that us super beautiful and professional!


You can now forget about going to 3rd party sites, Wix has everything you need! With Squarespace, I was always faced with the daunting task of going to other websites for important necessities. With Wix, they offer everything on one single platform! Whether you need a Chat Box or a Booking Platform, they have it all for you without having to venture off to someplace else. Here are just some of the amazing features that Wix has to offer.

1. Fully customizable Chat Box

2. Membership Site

3. Online Bookings

4. Email Marketing Tools...

And so much more!!!

3.  Wix Saves you MONEY!

If that hasn't encouraged you to switch, I'm sure the price will! With Wix, you don't even need to pay anything to launch your website! Wix will host it as long as you want, without the need to upgrade. Although I don't recommend that you do this, (if you really want to get serious about your Business), I do think this is a pretty cool feature. In the event that you would like to upgrade, you can get a premium membership for as low as $5 per month! I mean, come on! You really can't beat that, can you?!

Overall, I am making the switch to Wix and I definitely think you should too! If you would like your website fully customizable on Wix, simply click here to schedule a FREE Website Design Consultation with me, and I will help you get your DREAM business off the ground! I can't wait to work with you!

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